Welcome to CLEAR REEF


CLEAR REEF is a promoter-investor and operating company in the exciting world of aquatic animal parks (oceanariums, aquariums and aqua zoos). We run our activities on an international scale and through different models: operation of portfolio owned parks, operation of third party facilities, consultancy for developers.

Therefore we tackle all the different steps of a project from A (feasibility studies) to Z (operation of the facility when opened to the public). Our team, who has experience throughout almost every continent of the planet, consists of animal care specialists (veterinarians, biologists, zoologists, aquarists), designers, engineers, project managers, maintenance technicians, operation business managers, etc… all of them specialized in live aquatic animal facilities.

We strive to involve visitors with both the discovery and conservation of marine life, by promoting knowledge of the oceans and educating them about the necessity of protecting natural resources, through changing aspects of their daily habits.

Therefore, we see all the facilities in which we are involved as a mean to protect aquatic environments, aiming towards a better and more sustainable use of their resources.

CLEAR REEF’s day to day challenge is to ensure that the exhibits display state of the art technology as well as unsurpassed animal welfare in order to provide our visitors a unique “Once in a life time” experience.

Simply Put, we are proud of our Eco-Social commitment, to head the CLEAR REEF Social Fund for Marine Research and Conservation, exclusively financed by CLEAR REEF and totally philanthropic. It is meant to promote local initiatives at the crossroads of individuals’ social/self-development needs, marine research and conservation issues.

In a nutshell, CLEAR REEF’s commitment is really about the passion of the oceans. Let’s hope that we are on the same wave length and try to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination!

Philippe de Lacaze

Enjoy your journey with CLEAR REEF and let’s get started…