Building Steps

CLEAR REEF on-site project management teams mastermind the whole set-up of the build and control the works carried out by the specialist contractors. An overriding priority is given to supervising:

  • Delivery/cost/quality issues of all «Aquariological packages» (Acrylics, life support systems, rockworks and in-tank decors, watertightness of concrete tanks, aquarium lighting, quarantine tanks, visitor’s gallery aquariums, control systems, etc.)

  • Biological and animal requisites to welcome the forecasted species.

  • The life support systems works (LSS). We focus on water chemistry, system biology, component materials, turnover rates, tanks currents, etc in order to deliver a unique animal attraction with long term sustainability in mind.

  • Detailed works control till snag list resolution and final hand over.

During the on-site building works, CLEAR REEF Operation & Maintenance teams tackle all relevant issues ensuring a smooth start-up and the long term success of the project.