Design and Engineering

Once the feasibility study concludes to a «go» answer, and the promoters obtained the financing as well as a suitable plot of land, we can get started. Here begins the excitement.

Our design/engineering teams are comprised of designers, biologists, veterinarians, engineers, project managers, and operation staff. We usually team up with local architects in order to adapt to local trends and design the park through all the stages including theming, conception, design development, tender documents and contracts with specialist contractors.

CLEAR REEF designs/engineers all aquarium specialist packages such as quarantine tanks, visitor’s gallery aquariums, viewing acrylic panels, life support systems, in and out-tank rockworks and decors, aquarium lighting, control systems, animal population, watertightness, visiting gallery specific theming, scientific and educational equipments, biological needs and many more.

Each CLEAR REEF Concept Project:

  • Focuses on public awareness related to conservation issues
  • Creates WOW effects by proposing unique and exciting visitors experiences
  • Is designed under budget constraints
  • Strives to achieve educational and research goals
  • Achieves high standards in environmental performance
  • Integrates all operational requisites in order to secure long term longevity
  • Is always «one of a kind» grounded on local identity factors