From A to Z

CLEAR REEF operates aquatic animal parks (oceanariums, aquariums, aqua zoos).

We run our activities in an international scale and through different models: operation of portfolio owned parks, operation of third party facilities and consultancy for developers. Therefore our involvement is flexible and depends on circumstances.

On site full operation of the park.

On site biological and technical operations.

Remote operation’s consultancy (technical, biological, operations, scientific, education, etc.)

CLEAR REEF’S key factor of success relies on the experience of its team which successfully headed:

  • More than 50 public aquariums and marine zoos
  • Almost all over the world
  • For more than 30 years

This proven long-term experience in so divers conditions gives to CLEAR REEF a unique expertise in successfully operating all requested services in aquatic animal parks.

CLEAR REEF Operates Aquatic Animal Parks From A to Z