The Jeddah Aquarium of Saudi Arabia


CLEAR REEF successfully operates the Fakieh Aquarium of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia since 2011.

With an average of 1 million visitors per year, the Jeddah Aquarium is a true showcase of CLEAR REEF Operation’s capabilities.

Located on the Corniche of Jeddah (KSA-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) the Jeddah Aquarium is the first “open to public” aquarium in Saudi Arabia.

Philippe de Lacaze (CEO of CLEAR REEF) was involved in the very first steps of the Fakieh Aquarium since 1995. CLEAR REEF was engaged in design, Building Project Management, Start up, animal’s commissioning and successfully operates technically and Biologically the Aquarium since it opened in 2013.


The CLEAR REEF team operates daily, in excess of 5 million liters of marine water, distributed into 50 tanks

As a total, we host more than 12 000 animals (fishes, invertebrates, sea lions, dolphins…)

The CLEAR REEF technical team operates 24/7 all technical facilities (life support system, water intake, water discharge, sterilization, etc).

The CLEAR REEF biological team ensures 24/7 that the water quality parameters fit with the animals’ requirements.

Our veterinarian and animal care department team ensures the wellbeing of the animals.

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