Social Fund Objectives

The CLEAR REEF Social Fund for Marine Research and Conservation.

The Fund is totally philanthropic and exclusively financed by CLEAR REEF’s income. No additional contribution is requested from other partners.

The Fund is meant to be at the crossroads of individuals’ social/self-development needs, marine research and conservation issues.

It is intended to promote local initiatives being brought forward by regular citizens (students, researchers, unemployed, retirees, or any person of good will) seeking a financial help to run a project directly or indirectly related to marine research and/or conservation.

Improve the personal situation of an individual and promote marine research/conservation at the same time.

Examples of possible applications:

  • An eco-citizen wishing to promote a local conservation action.
  • A researcher needing to finance a trip to attend a specific congress.
  • A student seeking some help for his/her studies in marine biology.
  • An unemployed person wishing to bounce back through a specific training program linked to the environment.

Who can apply?

Any individual - physical person - of any nationality provided that he/ she is not acting on behalf of an organization (company, NGO, state organization, university, etc.).

How does it work?

CLEAR REEF allocates a yearly Fund.

Allocation of funds is decided by the "CLEAR REEF Steering Committee" gathering 20 renowned professionals in marine centers, research and/or conservation institutes.

Interested candidates shall contact CLEAR REEF at to receive full information.

Applications to be received before next April 15th midnight GMT

CLEAR REEF finances around 25 projects worldwide per year

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